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Neurofuel Review

If are visiting nootropic drinks and wonder why a giant can of neurofuel is our featured drink… then stop wondering because I am about to share with you the greatest secret of Knoxville, Tn. Neurofuel has been rampaging across gas stations and supermarkets in east Tennessee finding its niche so effortlessly that this company and drink should be the poster board for nootropics of the future. Anyone wishing to emulate the success of Neurofuel can easily do so by following the exact steps which its two founders- Joe Elmore and Waylon Howell have taken to create a category killer. Upon interviewing several gas station owners- their claims that neurofuel has been selling more drinks then massively marketed companies which include products from red bull and monster! The proof is in how quickly they are out of stock in most stores and retailers.

Photo credited to Hylaman Webster

The drink itself appears in a bizzarly attractive blue can. Residents of Knoxville can immediately spot the conspicuous drink up to several miles away. Neurofuel has already explored a sugar free version and an alternative to the original called Neurofuel max. Each of these drinks provides the same highly citric taste- almost lime-like, with a whole lot of fizziness. The catch phrase on the drink’s website states- the science of happiness- the smart way to feel better. Neurofuel seems to bridge on a drug like beverage promoting happiness, stress-relief, depression relief, focus, and intelligence.

What I like about the drink is its inclusion of one of the most sought after Nootropics and its leading active ingredient piracetam. The history of piracetam is available on the neurofuel company website- www.drinkneurofuel.com .

The taste is highly debated among consumers. My opinion is that it is the best tasting Nootropic-Energy Blend that I have had since NOS (a caffeine based non-Nootropic energy drink). The taste is highly original and extremely pleasant for those that want to try something really off the chart. There is no herb-like tastes as was found in Brain Toniq, however Neurofuel creates a truly original tasting experience that will leave you feeling happier and more energetic. Nootropic effects are not as noticeable as the mood enhancements, however by causation, being in a better mood definitely helps motivate me to get focused and begin concentrating on my work.

I hope that this company is in for the long haul because Neurofuel delivers. For those that can handle the caffeine, try drinking two cans of Neurofuel and prepare for a much stronger experience. It does leave you feeling jittery after the second, but the effects are more noticeable then just one.

Each can of Neurofuel will cost you 90-100 calories so it isn’t a waist buster by any means like most other energy drinks. I  also contains choline, as well as a number of popular energy drink blends including caffeine and a score of B vitamins for added effects on focus and concentration.

The following is my subjective scoring of Neurofuel:

**Note A low score on price means that it is not very expensive vs other drinks.

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Interests range from psychology to mechanical engineering. I enjoy good food and wine, and enjoy envisioning the future of technology on every fascet.


One thought on “Neurofuel Review

  1. After a verified examination within the anxiolytic effectiveness in the computer mouse button style, haloperidol, mecamylamine, and also ketanserin happen to be used on determine typically the path ways aniracetam
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    Haloperidol entirely arrested the actual anxiolytic problems,
    plus mecamylamine not to mention ketanserin
    practically wholly inverted the consequences.
    This unique reveals that aniracetam’s anxiolytic instrument will be triggerred by way of D2/D3, nACh, in addition to 5-HT2A receptors.[1]
    Aniracetam is which can selectively modulate this AMPA receptor[2] along with was created because parent or guardian complex to gain a class of medicine known as the ampakines which can be being researched simply because nootropics and also neuroprotective drug treatments for any treating of Alzheimer’s disease together with other neurodegenerative ailments.
    Quick grown timbers . extra fat solubility with aniracetam, a half-life is a lot reduced
    than that of normal racetam analogs like piracetam.[citation needed]
    Popular doses tend to be 750-3,thousands of mg on a daily basis ordinarily consumed in 2-3 dosages.

    Unwanted Effects [edit]

    Typical negative effects include: unrest, panic, uneasiness, sleep loss.
    More uncommon negative effects contain: problems, somnolence, vertigo,
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    Posted by piracetam | June 10, 2013, 4:08 pm

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